Long-Term Support Program


We are here for you for the long haul. Our staff and providers are flexible in understanding what long-term support looks like for you – you tell us. If that means one-on-one appointments with your provider or Wellness Coach, Dr. Gulick’s medical group visits, Jayme Armstrong’s educational classes, or stopping by to weigh yourself, we will continue our support in the capacity that best helps you.

From our experience, coming to the clinic provides patients with accountability and support. The most important time to come in is when you don’t want to – we are here to help, without any judgment, to provide you with skills and tools to continue toward your health goals. For more information about Dr. Gulick’s medical group visits and Jayme Armstrong’s educational classes that occur on an ongoing basis, please read the descriptions below and visit the ‘Calendar’ page for a schedule.

Dr. Gulick’s Medical Group Visits:

The Food Addiction Model – Description of how food is addicting, and research-informed strategies to overcome the addiction

Why Stick With It? – Explanation of the pathophysiology of insulin resistance and other obesity-related conditions to spur permanent lifestyle change

How to Keep Going – Discussion of health gains due to weight loss to sustain motivation, and strategies to focus on low carb, adequate fat and protein lifestyle changes

Troubleshooting – Reinforcement that ‘diabesity’ (diabetes and obesity) is a national epidemic, not a personal failure, and tools to keep you on track

Jayme Armstrong’s Educational Classes:

1-hour Personal Life Coaching Session

Beyond Excuses – Discussion of what wellness thriving looks like for you, how to maintain it, including planning and commitment to your future

Beyond Carbs, Proteins, & Fats – Extension of nutritional information into micronutrients, vitamins, gut microbiome, caloric density, and satiety and actionable cooking options

Mindless vs. Mindful Eating – Exploration into the choices and processes that occur every time we eat, multiple times a day, with the goal of introducing intention

Going the Distance with Weight Loss and Wellness – Discourse about food choices, self-care, beliefs, and other daily decisions to hone in on how you’ll persevere

Michelle Bergmann's Educational Classes:

Food is Medicine and Poison