Why Medical Weight Loss


Our board-certified and specially trained providers look carefully for underlying medical causes of your weight gain and weight retention.

Often, your weight problems are rooted in causes outside of your control—be it a weight-retaining medication, an underlying medical condition, or uninformed food choices. We educate our patients and work closely with you in a clinical setting to individualize and maximize your weight loss. At Oregon Medical Weight Loss, we understand that obesity is a chronic medical condition which requires a lifelong approach. 

Using the latest evidence-based medicine, our providers are able to determine your daily calorie needs and provide you with a customized, holistic plan. With medical supervision, you are able to test an abundance of weight loss options and find what truly works for your body and your life. We’ll team up with you to find solutions that are both successful and sustainable, because the best diet is the one that you can stick with! Join our multifaceted medical program and gain the knowledge that will empower you to succeed. Weight lost is health reclaimed!