Flu Season is Coming!

As the cold and rainy season approaches, it is important to start thinking about the Flu! Each year, when the weather cools down, flu cases generally increase, meaning it is crucial to be proactive in avoiding the virus. The best way to avert the bug is to get vaccinated! Flu vaccinations are very important for a few reasons. First, avoiding the flu means fewer trips into the office and therefore fewer missed hours of work, school and other obligations. Second, by vaccinating large volumes of people, it is easier to keep outbreaks at bay, meaning fewer people will be infected with the virus. Finally, by minimizing the number of people with the virus, vulnerable people (such as pregnant women, young children and older people) have less of a chance of coming into contact with the bug. At Southwest Family Physicians, we offer all necessary Flu vaccines, and we even open a Flu Clinic in October so that our vaccines are accessible to as many people as possible. Give us a call at (503) 620-5556 and schedule your vaccination today!