Family Practice

Growing up in Montana provided me with ample opportunities for outdoor activity and developed my love of the outdoors. I attended the University of Montana and graduated with a BA in Philosophy in 1987. After graduating from college, I ventured to Dutch Harbor, Alaska and found work on a Bering Sea crab boat. I worked for 11 years on the Bering Sea until February of 1999, when I suffered a career ending injury. I returned home to Montana and spent a year rehabilitating my injuries. It was during that time that I decided to pursue a career in medicine. I began training to be a physician assistant at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon in the spring of 2002. After graduating with honors in the fall of 2004, I began working as a board certified physician assistant at OHSU. From the OHSU position, I transitioned into family practice, where I have remained ever since. I particularly enjoy meeting people and helping them figure out any health issue. I worked for several years with an orthopedic surgeon and therefore have an affinity for musculoskeletal issues. Outside of work, I train and race bikes competitively with my wife, a fitness instructor, personal trainer, wicked fast bike racer, and spent time with my children. I feel very fortunate to have the training and ability to help people every day.