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In House Allergy Testing

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Most people have heard of the classic seasonal allergies symptoms: sneezing, itchy watery eyes, coughing, runny nose! Especially here in Oregon where the green and verdant Willamette Valley is flush with pollens of many kinds and the winters are prone to mold! We’re here to help.  You may not know that there are even more symptoms that can be related to allergic reactions, including:

⦁    Rashes or redness
⦁    Hives (a rash with raised red patches)
⦁    Stomach cramps
⦁    Vomiting
⦁    Diarrhea
⦁    Bloating
⦁    Swelling
⦁    Pains
⦁    Headaches
⦁    Anxiety
⦁    Fatigue
⦁    Chronic Sinus Infections

More Severe Symptoms may include:

⦁    Tongue swelling
⦁    Cough
⦁    Throat closing
⦁    Wheezing (a whistling sound when you breathe)
⦁    Chest tightness or shortness of breath
⦁    Feeling faint, light-headed or “blacking out”
⦁    A sense of “impending doom”

*** If you are experiencing severe symptoms, call 911***

Our in-house allergy testing can now help you identify what may be triggering allergy symptoms - and our self-administered, home-based immunotherapy can improve or eliminate your reactions.

Allergy Testing Q & A

What is allergy testing?

The allergy testing that we offer is called skin testing or scratch testing. This usually is performed on the upper back, but can also be done on the legs or arms if requested. This test checks for allergies to 80 different allergens - that’s quite a bit more than most facilities and significantly more than by antibody blood tests, which usually only check for about 8-10 antigens. The allergen list has been selected for our region of the country.

Does it hurt?

The skin test does not hurt! Many describe it as feeling like a scratchy hair brush being pressed into the skin. The device deposits a tiny amount of allergen into the skin, and then you will be observed for any local reactions.

What will I be tested for?

Our allergy testing will identify allergies to pollen (grass, trees, and weeds), mold, pet dander, dust mites, food and much more. The list of allergens has been tailored to our region.

How long does it take?

The test itself takes around 20 minutes, but the appointment time is 40 minutes to account for paperwork, prep, recording results and discussing any questions.

What happens next?

After your technician has read your results, you will have a custom serum mixed up just for you! This serum will be available for you to take home to self-administer 3x a week. This is called ‘Immunotherapy’ and it will gradually desensitize your immune system to your allergens and thus lessen your reactions over time.

What are the benefits of Immunotherapy?

⦁    They will reduce your sensitivity to your allergy triggers
⦁    It works for a variety of allergens, including mold, pollen from trees, grasses and weeds, dogs, cats, hamsters, horses, certain foods like potatoes, chicken, beef and pork.
⦁    You may no longer need to take allergy medication, or will be able to take less.
⦁    Less sick days
⦁    Less Sinus Infections, headaches, fatigue
⦁    Improved Energy and Wellbeing

What are common allergens in the Portland Metro area?

⦁    Pine
⦁    Dogwood
⦁    Maple
⦁    Juniper
⦁    Cottonwood
⦁    Willow
⦁    Ragweed
⦁    Mold
⦁    Sweet Vernal Grass
⦁    Velvet Grass
⦁    Bermuda Grass
⦁    Johnson Grass
⦁    Dust Mites
⦁    Mice
⦁    Dogs
⦁    Cats
⦁    Horses
⦁    Cockroaches

Give our clinic a call today to schedule your allergy testing, and start your path to wellness!