Family Practice

Molly Strattan, Certified Nurse Midwife, developed her passion for midwifery and women’s health care as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Kenya. It was there she realized the importance of access to quality health care for women that needs to start during pregnancy and birth. Molly started her career in obstetrics at a small rural hospital in Alaska. She moved to Portland to get her Masters degree and soon after met her husband, Collin Stoll, LAc.

After school, she completed a fellowship in southern Texas at a free standing birth center run by the premier midwife, Sr. Angela Murdaugh. There she learned strong clinical skills as well as more than a few ‘midwives’ tricks.

Molly has worked at Southwest Family Physicians since 1999. She now is a working mom with 2 daughters at home. From doing yearly pap smears and basic gyn care to providing prenatal and newborn care and breast feeding support, she loves her career as a midwife, balanced with being a wife and mother. She is passionate about birth and is honored to be a part of one the most special moments in life, the birth of a child. Molly understands that women have different expectations for birth and it is her job to help women meet those expectations as safely as possible.

Molly welcomes all types of families into her practice, traditional to alternative to multicultural. She is open and respectful and tries to meet your needs as you work together to reach your optimum healthy life.