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Lab Services

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Why travel to another facility for lab testing? At Southwest Family Physicians in Tigard, Oregon, in-house lab services make medical screenings convenient and efficient. The team of phlebotomists and laboratory professionals are skilled at drawing blood and analyzing tissue to give you fast results. Call the office or schedule an appointment online to take advantage of the full-service lab.

Lab Services Q & A

What is an in-house lab?

Southwest Family Physicians features full-service laboratory services. A team of skilled and compassionate phlebotomists and laboratory professionals assure you get efficient blood draws and tissue analysis every time.

An in-house lab means you don’t have to go and wait at a separate office and deal with additional billing, scheduling, and travel to get standard or diagnostic testing. All your blood testing, urinalysis, tissue specimen testing, and even some more complex screenings are performed on-site.

What are the benefits of an in-house lab?

With an in-house lab, there’s no confusion about the tests to be performed; your doctor can communicate clearly and easily to technicians on-site. Plus, you don’t have to make a separate appointment at an entirely different facility.

Your results come back in a timely manner, too, and go straight to your provider for fast evaluation and diagnosis. This way, you receive quick notification and can begin taking the necessary steps to gain control over your health.

What types of labs are performed in the lab?

Laboratory tests don’t just check your blood, they also evaluate your urine or bodily tissues. Examples of lab tests include complete blood counts, metabolic panels, thyroid hormone testing, urine tests for pregnancy or infection, and Pap smear analysis. Laboratory tests can be diagnostic, ordered in response to symptoms you’re having, or routine to look for changes in your health.

At Southwest Family Physicians, the phlebotomists and technicians don’t just collect the tissue samples, they’re skilled at analyzing these samples to ensure they fall within the normal range.

The providers and technicians can also compare your results to previous results from screenings to determine if you have notable changes that signal a potential health problem. Blood tests and other screenings can also evaluate if a specific treatment plan is working.

What affects lab results?

Many factors can affect your test results. These include:

  • Your sex, age, and race
  • Medications you take
  • How well you followed pre-test instructions, such as fasting

For quality, efficient lab testing, call Southwest Family Physicians or book an appointment using the online tool.