Dr. Cynthia Gulick, DO

Family Practice

Dr. Cynthia Gulick, DO, has been a Board Certified Family Practice Physician since 1990, which is the year she first started the practice at Southwest Family Physicians. 2010 thus marks the clinic’s 20th Anniversary! Through these 20 years of broad Family Practice experience, Dr. Gulick has raised four children and helped grow a clinic where many families, whose children she delivered, still remain as patients.

Focusing now on Medical Bariatrics as her specialty, Dr Gulick has found a new passion for guiding patients along their difficult but rewarding weight loss journey – informing and thus empowering patients to optimize their primary, preventive health and well being. With respect, kindness and dedication, Dr. Gulick will help you beat your weight loss challenges and revitalize your life. She is an active member of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians.