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EmPOWer Your Health



Join us at Southwest Family Physicians for our Pillars Of Wellness group seminars! These sessions offer vital insights to enhance your health and well-being. Our knowledgeable providers are eager to discuss topics they are passionate about. These seminars are able to be covered by your insurance. We look forward to your participation and the beginning of your emPOWered journey to a better YOU!


Energy and Overcoming Fatigue—Dr. Cynthia Gulick

Dr.  Cynthia Gulick will guide you through strategies to revitalize your daily life and equip you with the tools to overcome exhaustion and maintain your health through all life stages. Discover the keys to sustained energy and banish fatigue in our invigorating group seminar. Unravel the mysteries behind your body's energy systems and learn practical techniques to boost your vitality. Learn how to decode your lab results and improve your numbers over time to find your optimal ranges. At SWFP we strive for optimal, not just normal! Explore the interplay of sleep, exercise, medication side effects and stress management in maintaining optimal energy levels. Join us to unlock a world of enhanced energy and bid farewell to fatigue.


Foundations of Nutrition— Dr. Khaleed Alston

Jumpstart your understanding of nutrition and learn skills to improve your health with Dr. Khaleed Alston’s Foundations of Nutrition group seminar. Amidst the sea of dietary information, learn to make informed choices for your well-being and use food as a tool to improve your health. Familiarize yourself with symptoms of blood sugar dysregulation and how nutrition can combat chronic illness. Dive into the fundamentals of a balanced diet, decipher nutritional labels, and gain insights into how food can be medicine OR poison. Explore your relationship with food and cultivate a journey towards sustained wellness. Dr. Alston is passionate about how food can change your health journey and looks forward to sharing his passion with you.


Chronic Pain Management & Mental Health – Dr. Patrick Erickson

Your physical and emotional well being are equally important, and the physicians at SWFP are always here to help. In Dr. Erickson’s Foundations of Mental Health and Persistent Pain seminar you will start an informative journey to find balance in your mind and body. Learn to recognize depression, anxiety and chronic pain, the science behind them and the available avenues for long term relief. Discover how mental health and pain management can be treated at the primary care level and techniques you to do at home that can improve your physical and mental health.



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