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Corporate Wellness

Southwest Family Physicians -  - Family Practice

Southwest Family Physicians

Family Practice & Medical Weight Loss located in Tigard, OR

We are a medical and wellness clinic based in Tigard, with a full toolbox to help your employees achieve their best health yet! We offer a fully developed medical weight loss program, diabetes management and reversal, physical health training around posture and unsafe lifting, wellness education, and so much more.

 Corporate Wellness Q & A

Why should I invest in a corporate wellness program?

An employee with obesity costs a company more than $4000 times more in healthcare and related costs than an employee of healthy weight, according to the American Journal of Health Promotion. 

A 2010 Duke University study showed that employees with obesity cost US employers $73.1 billion per year in healthcare fees, lowered productivity and absenteeism.

In 1994, obesity-related risk factors were linked to 5% of nationwide healthcare costs. Today obesity-related health issues account for 70% of healthcare costs and it is likely that number will continue to increase.

People who feel better, perform better!

Which services can a SW Family Physicians Corporate Wellness Program provide for my company?

Your employees’ health can benefit from the following services:

  • Regular health check ups
    • Weight, height, BMI
    • Body composition
    • Blood pressure
    • Cholesterol
    • Blood glucose testing
    • EKG
    • Family medical history review
  • Education from medical experts on nutrition and fitness choices
  • Education from physical therapists on posture and fitness
  • Injury prevention
  • Individualized plans for health recovery and long-term wellness
  • Fitness classes
  • Stress management
  • Smoking cessation
  • Addressing addictive behaviors

What structure will my Corporate Wellness Program have?

After meeting with you to discover your goals and assess the situation in your corporate environment, we will propose a strategic plan for your individualized needs. The following are examples of elements likely to be in your Corporate Wellness Program package:

→ Onsite introductory session with your employees 

→ General corporate wellness assessment and goal-setting 

→ Educational health training (nutrition, sleep, behavioral health habits)

→ Physical therapy evaluations 

→ Individualized programs for weight loss and fitness

We can provide sessions and resources for groups and/or individuals. 

What does a Corporate Wellness Program cost?

The cost of your program will depend on the scope of your needs and the number of employees enrolled. 

Because we have medical board-certified providers, we accept health insurance.