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Annual Wellness Exams

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As a comprehensive family practice, Southwest Family Physicians provides annual wellness exams for the whole family. The skilled medical team focuses on preventing disease and ensures every member of your family is healthy and happy. Exams start at 2 weeks after birth and last well into your twilight years, ensuring that you remain consistently in good health. To schedule an annual wellness exam, call Southwest Family Physicians today or schedule a consultation online now.

Annual Wellness Exams Q & A

Why do I need an annual wellness exam?

Annual wellness exams are a great way for you to stay in touch with your health and are required by most medical insurance carriers. Even when you’re not sick, the Southwest Family Physicians medical team can perform health screenings and physical evaluations to identify early signs of disease or other conditions.

As part of your preventive health care plan, annual wellness exams are also a good time to:

  • Review current medications
  • Update your medical history
  • Receive updated vaccinations
  • Discuss new health concerns with your doctor

Your doctor can also track and monitor changes in your health as you get older or if you have an existing health condition.

What is involved in an annual wellness exam?

During your appointment, your Southwest Family Physicians provider reviews your personal and family medical history. They discuss any new symptoms you’re experiencing and perform a physical exam of your body. You can also expect your provider to:

  • Check your temperature
  • Assess your blood pressure
  • Evaluate your skin health
  • Measure your height and weight
  • Listen to your heart and lungs

Your Southwest Family Physicians doctor will also feel your abdomen for signs of swelling in your internal organs.

Will I need blood work?

If you have a personal or family history of chronic disease, like diabetes or high cholesterol, you may also need routine blood work or other screenings to detect signs of the disease in its early stages.

Preventive health screenings are available for children and adults. After your Southwest Family Physicians doctor discusses your overall health and reviews your medical history, they may recommend blood work to screen for disease. You may also need blood work if you have unexplained symptoms that need a diagnosis.

Which immunizations do I need?

Immunizations are important to protect you from contagious disease. The injections help your body recognize different types of disease, so you can build immunity against them.

Young children need immunizations starting soon after birth to protect them from infectious diseases while the immune system is still developing. As you get older, you may need to have your immunizations updated based on your age and overall health.

The Southwest Family Physicians staff can review your immunization history and provide updated shots as needed during your annual wellness exam. We also offer seasonal flu vaccines to reduce your risk for serious flu complications.

To schedule an annual wellness exam for you and your family, call Southwest Family Physicians today or request an appointment online now.