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Gender-Affirming Care

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As a comprehensive health care practice, our medical team at Southwest Family Physicians understands the complexities of being transgender. The staff offers compassionate, comprehensive, gender-affirmative care to meet your specific needs during your transition and beyond. We provide on-site hormone replacement therapy and counseling services for transgender patients who are searching for reliable care. Learn more about transgender care services by calling the office today or requesting a consultation online now.

Transgender Care Q & A

What are common health concerns for transgender individuals?

Transgender individuals often lack access to high-quality health care due to discrimination or a lack of knowledge on the part of their doctor.

At Southwest Family Physicians, the medical team is experienced in the issues that affect the transgender community, especially:

  • Social stigmas
  • Hormone therapy and transition
  • Mental health issues

To ensure you get the health care you deserve, the Southwest Family Physicians staff stay up to date on the latest advancements in transgender health care.

What transgender care services are available?

The unique needs of the transgender community require the kind of consistent care Southwest Family Physicians can offer. To address the health concerns of transgender individuals, the staff offer services like:

  • Preventive care
  • Annual physical exams
  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Sexual and reproductive health care
  • Behavioral health counseling

You can expect to receive a custom treatment plan designed to make your transition easier and safe. Your provider at Southwest Family Physicians will address your personal health needs and questions about gender transition with compassion and the latest available resources.

Why do I need hormone replacement therapy?

Hormone therapy helps to enhance the characteristics of your gender. Your Southwest Family Physicians provider can recommend the right type and dosage of synthetic hormones to assist in your transition based on your health history and expectations.

Hormone therapy for transgender patients will produce physical changes in the body, such as an increase in muscle mass or the development of breasts or facial hair.

You can also expect changes to your emotional health and your sexual function and feelings. Those transitioning to female will experience a noticeable reduction in testicle size and a decrease in the frequency of erections, while those transitioning to male may notice changes in sexual sensations and may experience a significant difference in their emotions.

Our skilled medical staff at Southwest Family Physicians understand how the many changes occurring during your transition can impact your life. We create hormone replacement therapy plans that focus on improving your overall health and satisfaction with your quality of life.

To learn more about available transgender services, schedule an in-person consultation now using the online booking feature or call the office today.