General Medicine

Whatever happened to old-fashioned physicians who cared for you and your whole family? At Southwest Family Physicians, we offer comprehensive, patient-centered health care for your entire family, the old fashioned way – with respect, kindness and dedication to serving each individual’s health needs.

Healthy Families

Did you know that an overweight child or teenager has an 80% chance of becoming an overweight adult? The newest dimension to our clinic is an exciting program to support families with kids or teenagers who want a healthier life and body weight. Kids and teenagers need lots of positive support to make healthy choices – and we’re here to do that with them in our Healthy Families Program. Break-out sessions just for kids and teens run simultaneously with classes for adults so that the whole family can feel empowered to pull together towards improved health, working as a team, using age-appropriate tools that really work to achieve lasting change.


Southwest Family Physicians, a place where excellent family care begins before, then continues through your pregnancy and beyond! We believe in safe, supportive labor and delivery and we can provide ongoing health care both for you and your new baby as well as for the rest of your growing family. From our Full Maternity, Labor, Delivery, and Postpartum Care – through our Lactation or Breast Feeding support and our years of pediatric experience – we have a true FAMILY practice at Southwest Family Physicians. If you’re pregnant and would like to meet one of our pregnancy providers, you’re invited to schedule an introductory interview visit, at no charge.


Did you know that there are a million more Diabetics diagnosed per year in the US? In it’s earliest stages, Pre-Diabetes or Insulin Resistance may not reveal itself through conventional fasting glucose lab levels – indeed, fasting glucose rises late in the process. Many folks are unaware of the draining effect that Insulin Resistance has on their energy and vitality – the first sign of which is often a growing waistline, or persistent carbohydrate cravings. If you struggle with extra belly fat and especially if there is any history of Diabetes in your family, you owe it to yourself to come see us at Oregon Medical Weight Loss to get a complete diagnosis. Insulin Resistance, Pre-Diabetes and even Diabetes itself can all be reversed, along with your growing waistline, once the right tests and the right therapy are applied. Get the full picture. It could be very enlightening. It could restore your health and vitality. You deserve full answers and we can help.