Southwest Family Physicians has been a true family practice clinic since 1992. A large part of the practice has and always will be devoted to babies, children and adolescents. We have midwives who can follow you through pregnancy, care for newborns in the hospital and through the first two months of their lives. At 2 months old and on our family practice providers take over and are qualified and thrilled to see children for routine wellness exams, acute issues such as ear infections and rashes, developmental issues, behavioral issues, and whatever else should arise through adolescence.

We believe that education, prevention and screening are vital to caring for our patients and thus we encourage regularly scheduled well child checks. These wellness exams include discussions with both parents and children addressing any issues or problems as well as a full physical exam, assessing that developmental milestones are met, performing routine developmental screening using standardized tools, and reviewing and recommending routine vaccinations. At Southwest Family Physicians we encourage parents to take an active role in the medical decision making for your children and are open to creating a personalized approach to the care of your child if desired.

We understand that caring for children can be quite different from caring for adults in many ways, one in particular being the differences in communication abilities between children and adults. This can make assessing the severity and urgency of a child’s symptoms difficult for a parent, caregiver and even a medical provider. Understanding this we want parents and caregivers to have a comfortable relationship with their child’s medical provider in order to allow for the most open communication possible. Your child can be seen for any medical issue, whether it be a fever or a behavioral issue at school and we will take the time with our expertise and patience to treat your child the best we can. We frequently see the expected and typical ear infections, strep throat (for which we can do in office testing), coughs and rashes but also see initial visits for mental health disorders, broken bones and learning disabilities. We have an extensive referral network so should a specialist be indicated we can confidently refer your child to another trusted provider within the community.