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Why Choose A Midwife

Why Choose A Midwife?

A review published by The Cochrane Library shows that women who use a midwife have fewer pre-term births, are less likely to lose pregnancies before 24 weeks, and need fewer epidurals, episitomies, and assisted births. 

Besides having fewer of these risks, pregnancy with a midwife at your side can feel more secure because you establish a relationship with the person who will be at your birth, and they offer you education and support throughout your pregnancy and after the birth of your baby.

A midwife is a wonderful resource of support and medical expertise. Learn about our midwives to see if they might be a good fit for you!

Your Team At SW Family Physicians 

Nancy Macy, CNMWHCNP

With a strong background in women’s health care, nurse midwifery, and preventive health services, Nan is a skilled and dedicated nurse practitioner. She welcomes new and existing patients to Southwest Family Physicians in Tigard, Oregon. After beginning her career as a certified nursing assistant, Nan knew she wanted to be able to offer her patients more comprehensive health care. She went on to become a Registered Nurse and completed her certification in nurse midwifery. Nan also finished her Master of Science as a nurse practitioner, focusing on adult care. To help her stay abreast of the latest advancements in medicine, Nan maintains her board certification with the American Midwifery Certification Board. She regularly participates in continuing education courses. Nan's patients report that she always spends quality time with them during appointments. She has a very compassionate approach to patient health. Nan ensures her patients receive the education and knowledge they need to stay involved in every decision-making step regarding their health care. 

Renee Beninger, CNM, FNP

Prior to becoming a Certified Nurse Midwife, Renee worked as a Registered Nurse at Providence Portland Medical Center for five years. Renee completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at OHSU and her master’s in nurse-midwifery at Frontier School of Midwifery & Family Nursing and Case Western Reserve University. She also practices Family Medicine, after receiving her FNP degree in 2013. Renee provides routine gynecological checkups, annual exams, family planning services and counseling, preconception care, comprehensive prenatal care and birth planning, attends deliveries at Legacy Hospital, provides breastfeeding support, and routine post- partum care with an interest in postpartum exercise and strength training. Renee's patients comment on her heartfelt and thorough care. How Your SW Family Physicians Midwife Team Cares For You

How Your SW Family Physicians Midwife Team Cares For You

At your first visit, your midwife will provide you with a pregancy test. If positive, she will work with you to establish your size and due date. 

Up to 28 weeks, you'll have an appointment once a month to check in about how your pregnancy is going. After 28 weeks you'll meet with your midwife every 2 weeks. Every 20 weeks, you'll see your baby by ultrasound. 

As your pregnancy progresses, you will come to know each of our midwives by rotating your prenatal visits around to each. Our goal is for you to feel comfortable with and know both the providers who may be at your birth. 

Our midwives currently attend births at Legacy Meridian Park Hospital. We have a great working relationship with their obstetric specialists, who can be called at any time for emergencies. Our midwives do not perform Cesarean sections, but in the event that you need this procedure, they can remain involved in your care as the assistant to the obstetrician. They would still take care of your well newborn and remain with you for the duration of your delivery. 

In the hospital environment, we offer low intervention births but have access to and readily employ any technology that may be medically indicated. We support women choosing to have un-medicated labors, as well as those choosing to have epidural or medical pain relief. 

After you deliver your baby, your midwives will provide breastfeeding support and see both you and your baby back in the clinic a few days after delivery!


Call 503-620-5556 to schedule an appointment to meet our midwives and see if they are a good fit for your birth plan!


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