Why do healthy teens need Annual Wellness Exams?

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Wellness Visits are important for teens to learn about taking health into your own hands and getting a chance to talk about personal concerns with a doctor. Remember we're here to support and accept you, no matter what! During your Wellness Visit, your medical provider will go over these topics with you:

Adolescent Wellness Checklist


Your Daily Health

· Visiting the dentist twice a year.

· Protecting your hearing at work, home and concerts.

· Eating well for your personal body, including consuming a variety of foods, getting enough vitamins and protein while you're still growing.

· Drinking plenty of water.

· Incorporating vigorous physical activity into your schedule.


Healthy Behavior

· If you do use drugs, you can talk to us about it. We will help you with quitting or cutting down on use of harmful substances.

· Making healthy decisions about your sexual behavior. Practicing safe sex if you are sexually active. Using a condom to prevent STIs.

· All sexual activity should be something that you want. No one should ever force or try to convince you.

· Finding safe activities or school and work.


Violence and Injuries

· Being safe when driving

· If you feel unsafe driving or riding with someone, having someone you can trust to call.

· If you are physically harming yourself or others at home or school, we can connect you with resources to help you address this issue.

· Healthy dating relationships are built on respect and saying “no” is always ok.

· Fighting and carrying weapons can be dangerous.


Emotional Health

· Finding healthy ways to deal with stress.

· Trying your best to solve problems and make decisions on your own, but ask for help when you need it.

· Most people have daily ups and downs. But if you are feeling constantly sad, depressed, nervous, irritable, hopeless or angry, we can connect you with resources to support you.

· Sexuality is a normal and complicated part of development. If you have any questions or concerns, we are here for you.


School and Friends

· Supporting friends and family who chose not to use drugs, alcohol, steroids or diet pills.

· Taking responsibility for being organized enough to succeed in work or school.

· Finding new activities you enjoy

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